Monday, October 22, 2007

Control on making effects in Ps

Here is a doodling that I draw while I was making a phone call with someone.
Ez egy firka, amit egy telefonbeszélgetés közben unatkoztam papírra...

Here is a background that I painted a few weeks earlier just for fun...
Ez pedig egy háttér, amit jóval korábban, csak időtöltés gyanánt festettem, "biztos jó lesz valamire" felkiáltással

And here is a picture that I made using with these two elements above and making some photoshop effects on. I always feel that I need to control my photoshop things, to keep the handmade feelings on my pictures.
Itt pedig a kettő fenti képből összerakott photoshop-pal bolondított végeredmény...

Monday, October 08, 2007

Coffee birds

Painting with coffee is fun, but it is not too enduring, because it has no high quality pigments. But to use it for digital works it's perfect!